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Things to do in Ladakh

Things to do in Ladakh There are countless things to do in Ladakh, but we have picked some important that you have to do in Ladakh About Ladakh:- Comfortably seated 3000 meter above sea level between the gigantic Karakoram and other Himalayan ranges, in the northern region of India happens to be a holiday destination […]

Heritage Walks of Srinagar Kashmir

Heritage Walks of Srinagar Explore The Heritage Walks of Srinagar It is said that to truly experience the unparalleled beauty of Srinagar, One has to see it with the eyes of the soul. But for that you will have to be one with the City, explore the rich and diverse cultural heritage of this historic […]

Shrines and Temples in Kashmir

Shrines and Temples in Kashmir Kashmir, paradise on earth, is a place of immense beauty that will never cease to amaze you. This land, bathed in the magnificence of nature has been the source of inspiration for quite a few Saints ans Sufis. Bestowed with religious wealth in the form of numerous and allegiance of […]

15 Best Things to do In Kashmir

Things to do in Kashmir By Mir Salman (Travel Blogger) 1. Take a Shikara ride Shikara ride is first and must things to do in Srinagar. A small boat, a light, flat-bottomed boat is called shikara. The gondola like boats, with spring cushion seats and silken curtains is used for pleasure rides, which is the […]

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